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Vantage V Titan with HR


A multisport and triathlon smartwatch that’s made from premium materials and comes with a high-performance, chest-based heart rate monitor

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This bundle pack includes Vintage V Titan and the H10 chest-based, heart rate monitor. The H10 is an advanced heart rate monitor that easily syncs to the activity tracker to show you your heart rate in real time. The chest band is fully adjustable and is comfortable with a soft-feel.

Premium Materials

Vantage V Titan utilises premium and rugged materials that add durability and agility. The new design is lighter in weight than the original Vantage V and yet packs more of a punch than ever before. The construction is ultra-durable, waterproof and ready for action in the most extreme conditions.

Precision Prime

The activity tracker comes with an integrated Precision Prime heart rate sensor which is built-in to the wrist of the tracker’s design. The innovating sensor fusion technology combines optical heart rate measurement with skin contact measurement – ruling out any motion artifacts that could disturb the heart rate signal. This provides reliable heart rate monitoring in the most demanding conditions and intense training sessions.

Recovery Pro

When your training to achieve a specific goal it’s important to find the balance between different types of training and rest. The Recovery Pro feature carefully monitors your training load from each training session, measures your daily and long-term recovery levels and helps you recognise limits. The tracker therefore helps you to recognise your personal limits by informing you if you have been training too much, too little, or just the right amount. The Vantage V gives you personalised training recommendation for each day and warns you when you’re at risk of overtraining, injury, or illness.

Sport Profiles

Built for multiple different sports the activity tracker supports over 130 different sports – add all your favourite sports using the Flow app.

Phone Notifications

Stay connected on the move and receive your phone’s notifications to the Vantage V Titan’s display. This includes incoming calls, messages, emails, calendar events and more.

Training Load Pro

The activity tracker provides a holistic view on how your training sessions strain different systems of your body and how it can affect your overall performance. The Training Load Pro feature gives you a training load level for both your cardiovascular and your musculoskeletal system, and also takes into account how strained you feel. This allows you to optimise your training and focus on the right system at the right time.

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