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Rocktape 2″ Wide Tape – 5m Roll

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Rocktape 2″ Tape has been designed for performance enhancing training. From CrossFit Athletes through to the weekend runner, Rocktape’s ability to reduce pain and improve movement will leave you to allow your full performance to shine through.

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What Is Rocktape?

RockTape was created for the heat of competition. Rocktape knew first-hand that medical tape would fail under extreme conditions, so we developed a stronger, stretchier and stickier kinesiology tape.

Kinesiology tape is made of tightly woven elasticated cotton fibres. The glue on the tape is acrylic, highly durable and waterproof so tape can be worn for up to a week withstanding vigorous movement, sweat and total emersion in water. The aim is that tape matches and augments the
stretch characteristics of your skin and muscles

Recent studies have shown kinesiology taping to…

  • Reduce pain and alter movement patterns in people with anterior knee pain
  • Alter dynamic foot posture in people with shin splints
  • Increase lower back flexibility in healthy people
  • Speed up recovery from acute lower back pain


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