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Repack LR 4


A fierce waist pack that is tailor made for MTB riders which includes a 1.5L lumbar reservoir

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Hip Belt

It’s Repack LR 4 comes with a completely adjustable hip belt that fits a range of sizes. The wide waist belt optimises the fit and helps keep your essentials at hand with a lower centre of gravity.


The waist pack comes with the new 1.5L Crux 1.5 LR reservoir which provides a faster flow rate than previous models for great hydration on the go. The LR version keeps the balance much lower helping you stabilise your ride. Dual reservoir compression straps also help stabilise the bladder and keep it in place even during your most turbulent rides.


Fits waists/ hips: 18.5cm x 28cm x 15.5cm

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Black, Gibraltar Navy/Sulph


One Size


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