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Fitbit Ionic Smart Watch


A customisable activity tracker with an integrated heart rate monitor, personalised workouts that also lets you store and listen to music on the go

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Fitbit Coach

The activity tracker includes full access to Fitbit coach which provides you with a huge plethora of additional on-screen workouts such as 10-minute abs.

Heart Rate

An integrated, wrist-based heart rate monitor that delivers automatic, continuous heat rate tracking with real time heart rate zones giving you greater insight into your general fitness and health levels.

Apps and Notifications

Streamlining your devices, the Iconic allows you to instantly access calls, texts, calendar alerts and additional smartphone app notifications including social media messages, etc.

Multi-sport and SmartTrack

Easily move toggle between different workout modes for real-time stats specific to your activity on screen or automatically track exercise with SmartTrack.


Music is one of the best motivators for a great workout session or just as a theme for your day to day activity. The Iconic can store and play 300-plus songs which can easily be listened to via compatible, Bluetooth wireless headphones.


The activity tracker is water resistant up to 50m and can be used in the pool, when taking part in water sports, or in rain. The device will track laps, duration and calories burned during swim workouts.

Built-In GPS

Fully integrated GPS systems allow you to see, in real-time, pace and distance on display during outdoor runs, rides and workouts.


The tracker comes with an incredibly long battery life of up to 5 days and up to 10 hours when using GPS.

Activity and Sleep

Not only will the Iconic provide excellent tracking when you’re working out, but it also keeps track of all your day-to-day activity including your sleep.

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