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How to Eat Right for Running...
When it comes to getting ready for performance, such as competing in a long distance running event, your nutrition can make or break your training programme so getting it right is crucial.

Climatic Nutrition for Runners
As runners we all seem pretty aware of the advantages of properly adjusted nutrition (including hydration) both while we are racing and while we are training. However do we pay enough attention to the changing nutritional demands that our climate has on our bodies?

What everyone should know about iron and performance
Have you noticed a decline in your performance lately? Are you feeling tired and sluggish and can’t figure out why? There could be a number of reasons for this, such as reduced body fat, athletic ammenhorea that leads to a lack of estrogen and prostregon or irregular menstrual cycles resulting from excessive mileage. Another factor however, which might be playing a role in your lackluster running and sagging energy levels, is a lack of iron.

Top 10 nutrition tips for runners
As a runner your energy requirements can be high – after all, you will typically burn an extra 100 calories for every mile that you run. To make sure you meet your energy requirements, it is important to eat the correct fuel, eat it at the correct time and balance it with the other foods in your diet.
There’s a lot more to good running nutrition than simply stocking up on carbohydrate – so to guide you through the sports nutrition maze the realbuzz.com team have put together our top ten nutrition tips, which will ensure that you are fuelling your body correctly to support your training and racing.
This guide includes tips on optimum timing of meals, smart snacking strategies, and fuelling on the go.

Top 10 runners’ foods
If you focus on eating the most suitable foods to support your training, you’ll not only feel better, you’ll perform better too – which is a great incentive to eat well! However, with our busy lifestyles and the huge range of foods so readily available these days, it can be difficult to follow an optimum eating plan to support your exercise – which is where realbuzz.com comes in. In the following article we’ve assembled the top ten best runner’s foods – so, if your nutrition could do with an MOT, simply read this guide – which includes:
- Meal ideas
- Runner’s snack suggestions
- Post-training-run energy boosters