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Why Do I Run?

Source: www.runningmonkeys.com
By Thomas O'Leary

Tomorrow is Monday. You have had a big week and your weekend didn't solve any of your problems. Tomorrow it is back to work and we all know how hard the Monday morning rev up can be. How about just skipping your run and sleeping in instead?

In fact why do you think that running first thing on any morning is such a good idea? Wouldn't it be better for you to catch up on a little sleep instead?

Well I can't speak for the rest of the world, but my experience is that any day that starts off with a run is better than a day that doesn't. It didn't take long for me to realise what was going on here. If I got off my back and went for a run in the morning I found that I felt sharp, mentally awake and agile for longer into my day. I found that I was able to stay productive until well after other people had started to fade. I also found that my self confidence, assertiveness and integrity were boosted by my early morning running habit.

Now of course this isn't for everyone. I am well past telling others that my lifestyle would suit them, but I will say that it works for me. If you are finding that you are lacking energy or are patching up your energy deficit with sugar or cafeine then maybe you should try running. If you find that sleeping is difficult or disrupted for you then maybe a solid run in the morning will help you sleep well at night. If you find that you have a more than adequate girth but are lacking mental power, then maybe you could do with some running to sharpen you up.

Just simply running helps me to think, clearing out mental clutter, de-stressing me from the rest of my life. Simply running helps me to stay on an even keel, keeping problems in perspective and helping me to be more generous with the rest of my life. Just simply running keeps me at a stable and healthy weight, with blood running fast a free through my system. My muscles and joints are strong and supple, and my heart is strong and reliable. I like running and running likes me.

Now I'm sounding a bit like a running evangelist here. Like running will solve all of your problems. Of course this is not the case at all. There are plenty of other things more important to me than running, but running is one of the things that helps me to hold it all together. Just simply running makes an ordinary day into a good day, and what more could I ask for than that?

How about racing? Don't start me writing about racing. If running is good for me, then racing is even better...but I'd better stop before I tell you how good racing is!

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