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Tips for Winter Running

Source: running-tips.blogspot.com
By Timothy Cashman

Let's face it. Running in the winter is a real pain. Itís cold, there's ice to worry about and the wind usually drops the already cold temperature from cold to downright arctic conditions.

Its times like these that many runners are forced to go inside and run on the local gym's treadmill. But there are runners such as myself that simply get very bored and simply are uninterested to go that route. They would rather be outside because frankly they believe they will get a better workout.

For those that will attempt to brave the elements this season there are a few things you ought to know about before you decide to tackle Mother Nature at her coldest.

1) Do not wear cotton if you can help it!

First of all cotton should never be worn on running in general, but in the winter itís even more important. Cotton tends to hold in moisture which can be very uncomfortable when itís below freezing, Try to find something that has polypropylene. This helps to wick away moisture.

2) Get some new shoes!

I would recommend trail shoes as these tend to have better traction than the standard running shoes,

3) Get a slow warm-up before a longer run.

Its winter and its going to take longer to warm up, so got out of the starting gates a little slower than normal. Otherwise pulled muscles may become the norm for you.

4) Be careful about speedwork.

If you really do need to get some speed work in, go to the track at a local high school. But make sure itís well maintained and not full of holes and ice. Itís not uncommon for the school to be negligent of track maintenance during these months when all but a crazy few are using the track.

5) Try some kind of snow sports.

What a perfect idea for a ski vacation. Also this will help you break up your standard running routine. Snowshoeing can be great diversion!

6) Take a break from running.

If you become unmotivated to run, try cross training on the machines at your local gym. Spin classes and swimming are excellent substitutes.

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